During a press conference on Wednesday, Tennessee head coach Butch Jones responded to a report released on Tuesday night that alleged that his staff had allowed senior offensive lineman Brett Kendrick to continue to play in the Vols’ game against Kentucky despite signs that Kendrick was concussed.

Jones’ full statement on the situation was as follows:

“(Athletics director) John Currie issued a statement earlier today, and I’ll tell you this, we would never knowingly put a student-athlete in harm’s way. Our medical staff has full authority on removing players from competition but also have the authority to return players to competition. I have absolutely no say in these decisions.

“The Southeastern Conference has also been very proactive in terms of having an independent medical observer in the press box that looks for these issues. And also the officiating crew also has full authority to be able to remove an individual from competition if they see that.”

You can view further details of the aforementioned report by clicking here.


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